Resolving Child Support Concerns

Child support is calculated using statutory guidelines set forth by law.

The basic information Includes each party’s earnings, each party’s local taxes, and whether any other child support or spousal support (alimony) is being paid.

The calculations also consider child care costs as well as health insurance costs for the children.

Can Child Support Be More Or Less Than The Guidelines?

Yes. The court or parents can deviate up or down from the guideline depending on a variety of circumstances:

  • A child’s participation in private school

  • A child’s health

  • The best interest of the child.

What Are Temporary Orders?

The court may make temporary orders which are effective for a period of time after the filing of an action.

These orders can deal with payment of bills, parents’ time with their children, payment of child support, provision of medical insurance, payment for schools, payment for uncovered medical bills, or the exclusive use of a home, to payment of spousal support (alimony).

Can Temporary Orders Be “Appealed”?

The law says that temporary orders can be initially granted by the court after it reviews affidavits without any court hearings.

The law also provides that either party may request a hearing for reconsideration of the temporary orders and that the court shall schedule that hearing upon the request of a party.

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