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A General Practice Firm With The Goal Of 100% Customer Satisfaction

My law office is a full-service, general practice firm. That means that I can assist you on a range of legal issues from beginning to end. I represent clients in both litigation and transactional legal matters. With respect to litigation, this includes representing those who are injured as well as the businesses or individuals accused of causing the injuries. On the transactional side, I represent clients from all sides of legal transactions, from those who are actually signing the contracts to those who have related interests to the contract and who want to preserve their best interests, if feasible.

The facts that you provide me in your free consultation, and the investigation that I do afterward, will determine whether or not I choose to represent you. In the event that your issue is fairly complex, I always advise that we assemble a team of attorneys to handle your legal matter. Most of the time this can be done without any extra cost to you!

My legal fees depend on the type of legal service being used. We will discuss these possible arrangements during your initial consultation. They range from pure contingency fees, where you owe nothing unless you also recover money, to earned-upon-receipt retainers and hourly fee billing. Case expenses can also be dealt with in a number of ways.

Business Planning

I handle the following business concerns:

  • Business formation: forms, filings, articles, by-laws, regulations
  • Business succession planning: buy-sell agreement, stockholder agreements


I represent both debtors and creditors. This involves protecting debtors from the unwanted harassment of an aggressive collector. On the other side of the coin, it involves assisting creditors collect what is owed to them or reach satisfactory settlements and resolutions of their debt-related issue. Some of the debt and creditor issues I handle include:

  • Debtors’ remedies
  • Creditors’ remedies
  • Fraudulent transfers

Employment And Labor

At the Law Offices of Simon W. Johnson, I am interested in representing both employees and employers depending on your case in these types of issues:

  • Discrimination litigation (race, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation)
  • Sexual harassment
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Unpaid backpay or overtime
  • Wrongful termination litigation

Copyright And Trademark

Allow me to protect your intellectual property. I am highly skilled at copyright and trademark laws. The cases I handle include:

  • Copyright registration
  • Copyright infringement litigation
  • Trademark registration
  • Trademark infringement litigation

Defamation, Disparagement And More

Has an untruth about you or your business ruined your reputation? Take legal action now. I can you on either side for:

  • Defamation
  • Disparagement
  • Tortious interference with a business relationship
  • Interference with your right of publicity

Contract Drafting/Review